Aberdeen School Pastors

Aberdeen School Pastors work in a local school to build and develop relationships with the pupils and staff to encourage the pupils to positively relate to peers, teachers and the wider community. The ethos is the same as that of Street Pastors and this is to listen care and help young people who on occasions may be vulnerable and require support.

The work of a School Pastor will vary depending on the needs of the school. Our initiative provides the school with a regular lunch-time presence where volunteers spend time engaging with pupils in the dinning hall, social areas and playground. Our volunteers also take part in lunch-time clubs, P.S.E. input in the classroom, Prayer Spaces and assemblies.

Working in partnership with the school a classroom has been provided, which is used for our XLR8 life coaching initiative where qualified School Pastors mentor individuals and groups of pupils. Pupils come with their own agenda and the initiative is designed to…

  • To offer a listening ear and support
  • To build self-esteem and confidence
  • To help the pupil make informed choices
  • To draw on the Life Coaches experience
  • To help enable thinking about future hopes and aspirations
  • To create achievable goals