Northampton School Pastors

The Schools Pastors Project is very similar to Street Pastors but supports young people in a school community. The project aims to promote safety. School Pastors are there to listen, care and help young people to become good citizens. Find out more on the national ‘About us’ tab

Northampton School Pastors currently support two Secondary schools in the Northampton East area. School Pastors have a visible presence on routes to and from school, around the local community and shopping centre. We operate mainly on Thursday and Friday afternoons, being there as the schools close and walking many of the routes home, including around the Weston Favell Shopping Centre and bus stops. We are there to promote safety and reduce anti-social behaviour, but also to listen, care and help the young people. We wear a uniform the students recognize and so we are a visible presence in the community.

School Pastors are volunteers from local Churches who are committed to working with the young people in their community in a positive, non-judgmental role. We offer a reassuring and friendly presence to students and the chance to interact and speak openly to a responsible adult who is not their teacher or parent.

We work in partnership with the schools to enhance the emotional and social well-being of their students by providing additional pastoral support. We are not here to ‘plug a gap’, but to add value, giving the schools another option as they work hard to do the best for every one of the students in their care. Recently we have begun to work with some students during the school day, offering them more individual support in a small group setting.

The Northampton School Pastors team is licensed under the Ascension Trusts national scheme. The local scheme was launched by Northampton Street Pastors working together with the Northampton Community Safety Partnership (Northampton Borough Council) in September 2014. We thank C2C Social Action (formerly C2C Charitable Trust) for their assistance in setting up the scheme.

Northampton School Pastors operate under the Northampton Street Pastors charity number 1161154.

“…The School Pastors are very supportive and caring to our school community by listening and helping our young people create a safer environment as they make their way home from school. The Pastors patrol outside our school once a week during term time on a Friday, meeting the students as they come out of school. The Pastors identify and patrol routes where potential problems may occur to ensure that our students are able to access their support if needed, providing a friendly presence, reassuring and engaging positively with them. Pastors are trained to ensure that they are able to provide the right level of support for our students and genuinely want to help… As a school community we are very grateful for the School Pastors’ invaluable and genuine support they offer to our youngsters…”


Welcome to the Northampton School Pastors site.

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Are you a member of a local Church…? Do you think God is calling you to be a School Pastor or Prayer Pastor…? Interested…? Take a look at the information below and the ‘Get Involved’ tab on the national website

IMPORTANT: So that you can pray and decide if these roles are for you we encourage potential volunteers to join/attend the following before signing up to the training programme:

  • Join a School Pastor team as an observer.
  • Attend a Roles and Responsibilities training day – We will arrange for you to attend a day in Northampton or another organised by another School Pastors group in a neighbouring initiative.

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact our coordinator (see Contact the Coordinator tab above)

Please be aware of these minimum requirements when committing to the training programme:

  • 18 years and older (no upper age limit)
  • Committed Christian for at least one year
  • Attending a local Church for at least one year
  • Have a positive reference from Church leader
  • Obtain a DBS certificate
  • School Pastors currently go out on Thursday and Friday afternoons from 3pm. Please check with the coordinator for minimum commitment levels.
  • Prayer Pastors can either be at base or pray from home whilst either School Pastor teams are out.

Are you interested in becoming a Prayer Pastor or Prayer Partner? We’d love to hear from any individual or Church prayer group who would like to join us to pray at base or in anyway. If you would like to find out more please contact the Coordinator.   

Prayer is crucial to what we do as “carriers of Jesus”, it is the Holy Spirit who is leading and guiding us into situations where we can help.

We are developing our network and would love to hear from anyone who would like to find out more about praying for us…. School Pastors. School Pastors currently operates on Thursday and Friday afternoons term time between 15.00 and 17.00.

We welcome donations, please visit the Northampton Street Pastors Funding page for more information and to donate.

We are funded in various ways through grants and donations. We thank many Churches, groups and individuals who regularly donate to cover our running costs.

Our School Pastors are volunteers. Our funding pays for training, uniforms, equipment, consumables, administration and our operating license (including insurance).