Tunbridge Wells School Pastors

Our role is to be a listening ear to any student who needs someone to talk to, whether it be career ideas, exam pressures or friendship fallout’s.  We know that the teaching staff are busy a lot of the time and we want to help bridge the gap and stop little problems turning into big problems.

For prospective parents and students, one of the most important concerns they have about choosing a school is whether their child will be happy and what provision for pastoral care there is. We plan to respond to the needs of the school the best way we can.

The work is not about inviting people to church.  It is simply blessing our community by bridging gaps, improving relationships between the students, teachers and the college with the community.

We do not all go to the same church and in the future, we hope that the team will include individuals from other communities who send their children to Uplands. We feel very privileged to be invited to partner with the school by Mr Collins and his team of dedicated staff.  We look forward to being part of making the school a fantastic place to grow and learn.