Welcome to School & College Pastors

School & College Pastors are volunteers who commit themselves to the service of young people in their community, offering a reassuring and friendly presence to students who may not feel able to speak openly to teachers or parents.

In partnership with schools, colleges and other local agencies, School & College Pastors work to enhance the safety and emotional and social well-being of students through caring, listening and helping.

What do School & College Pastors do?

Typically, School and College Pastors will begin by patrolling an area of the school or college community. Over time, they will become an integral part of the educational experience for students and staff members alike. A number of head teachers have already commented that they ‘can’t imagine the school without them!

Initiatives work to match the needs of the students and the local community with the capabilities of the School and College Pastors.

The benefits of School & College Pastors include:


Positive non-judgemental role-models;

An enriched schooling experience for students;

Additional pastoral support for schools;

The provision of a reassuring presence for the general public and shopkeepers;

Reduced levels of anti-social behaviour;

The opportunity to provide additional services, such as:

breakfast clubs



PSHE lessons

Background & History

 School Pastors and College Pastors is an initiative of Ascension Trust. Ascension Trust, established in 1993, is a Christian charity that is at the heart of partnerships between churches and communities.



Schools and Colleges Involved




Our School & College Pastor Volunteers

It has been a great encouragement to see a wide range of people sign up to be School and College Pastors. School Pastors has given these people the skills and confidence to make a difference to our young people and their schools. We now have over 300 individual school & college Pastors across the UK and are seeking more individuals to positively impact more of our young people… could this be you