Torbay School Pastors

School Pastors Torbay currently patrol on Monday and Friday afternoons every week from 2:30pm – 4:30pm. We have a team of about 20 school pastors from a range of ages and professional backgrounds.  We normally patrol in teams of 2 or 3 on each day.

Our present schools in Torbay are Spires College, St Cuthbert Mayne, Torquay Academy, Torquay Goys Grammar School and Paignton Sports and Community Academy. We patrol the area around each school grounds and local neighbourhood around the closing time for each school.

On our patrols we’ve had the opportunity to help out a lot of students and members of the local community referring to the school any incidents of anti-social behaviour, bullying or pupils in need of other assistance. We mainly enjoy getting to know some great young people, having conversations in which we encourage them and hear about exciting things they want to do with their lives.

We also have a wonderful team of Prayer Pastors based in a local Church in Hele and Paignton – we like to say that on quieter days, they must be the ones doing the hard work!